Ride for Freedom, Constitution, and Liberty.


Who Ride for Freedom, Constitution, and Liberty

We honor those who gave all, believe and act in the American way. By Fighting injustice and political corruption and uphold our Constitutional rights. We believe in brotherhood, solidarity, justice, and human rights . We believe in our nation’s flag: it’s broad stripes and bright stars. We are a grassroots movement who are active in both state and national affairs.


* We, the American people stand by our Constitution as it is written

* We stand by our Bill of Rights

* We stand against any fundamental transformation of America.

We believe in giving back..

We have been active in our local Ohio Patriot Guard Riders and helping our veterans and those in need.

We do a lot charity work but we also listen to our members and we vote on where the group would like to ride to once a month

There are no fees or dues to be a member. You may feel free to ride with any Group or organization.

Thank you!

Belinda Hart / State Captain & Sean Mclane / State Deputy Captain

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740 - 804 - 6238


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